Process Optimisation

    Not only the purchase-to-pay process, but also processes in the commodities and coordination processes between the functional department and purchasing determine the efficiency of purchasing. 

    Our team of digitalisation experts together with commodities professionals offers a comprehensive 360° view and a diverse range of services for your specific requirements.

Go on a diet! Lean processes optimise purchasing significantly

In particular in the indirect commodities, the proportion of procurement costs often significantly exceeds the commodity value of the products and services. Thus, it is clear that the greatest savings potential does not lie in minimising the unit price, but rather in optimising the procurement process.

In addition, different practices in the areas can have an unfavourable impact on procurement volumes. An analysis of the processes in the various commodities therefore makes sense.

The world is constantly evolving and processes need to be dynamically adapted to new technologies and challenges. Process optimisation is therefore an agile development.

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Process optimisation - but profitable!

How can processes be optimised in a sustainable, overall business and economically sensible way?

The procurement process has been optimised, whereas the technical department now has additional work? Only an interdisciplinary approach leads to real savings.
Fitting interfaces to suppliers and internal stakeholders can significantly assist an optimal process.
Requirements from departments, suppliers, the market and other situations should be taken into account actively and should be included in an agile process design.
New products enable new techniques, be it for packaging, cleaning, logistics or C-parts management. Staying tuned is worthwhile, as new optimisation potentials can be implemented over and over again.
By using digital systems, manual process steps become obsolete and other processes are replaced.
Standardised processes in the commodities offer homogeneous qualities and enable the maximisation of procurement volumes.

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Process optimisation project

Folgende Leistungen bieten wir für den Purchase-to-Pay-Prozess und für Prozesse in den Commodities an:

#Process specification
Are you familiar with the purchase-to-pay processes of the various commodities? Digitised processes can be visualised by using appropriate systems. Process steps that are not digitised become visible through long dwell times.

A detailed process analysis is the basis for the modelling of optimised scenarios.
Within workshops, we develop an optimised process. We involve all relevant process owners of your company in these workshops. An implementation can only be successful if all requirements are taken into account.
As a result of the workshops and process modelling, the use of new technologies or tools may be required. These systems need to be procured or adapted, workflows need to be redefined. We assist with all these implementation steps.
Employees must be trained in the new processes and, if necessary, in the use of new systems and techniques. Here we provide needs-based support.

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