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    The degree of maturity of our customers' indirect procurement is very heterogeneous. Combined with the company goals, this leads to very specific requirements. Saving, digitalisation, digital procurement , commodity strategies, forms of organisation or process optimisation - we can solve all these issues for our customers in the long term through specific approaches and expert knowledge. 

Digital Procurement

Procurement Service

The significance of digital procurement has increased immensely in recent years. The benefits of digitalised purchasing are extensive: increased performance, cost reduction, transparency, real-time insights. It is therefore not surprising that high expectations are placed on purchasing departments to be a major driver in the process of digitisation. With our assistance and expertise you will be successful.

Cost Reduction

Procurement Service

New saving targets every year? This is the reality for many procurement organisations. To secure the relevant value contribution to the company's success in the medium and long term, clever and, above all, sustainable optimisations are required. Our experts focus not only on the pricing. Further savings can be achieved through modern concepts and technologies.

Process Optimization

Procurement Service

Process optimisation not only helps to reduce costs. Benefits can be, for example, that storage space is cleared, shipping output increases, delivery dates can be met, correction runs can be reduced, and much more. By applying appropriate measures, purchasing departments can deliver added value to internal stakeholders and thus increase the efficiency of all.

Commodity Strategy

Procurement Service

Many sites, several divisions, large teams, high diversity? With well-positioned strategic commodity strategies, this is no problem. Of course, there is no standard approach to this! But with our expertise from almost 30 years in indirect procurement, you can build your organisation individually, sustainably and effectively.


Procurement Service

Which organisational form in indirect purchasing suits you and your corporate goals? Within the workshops and interviews we develop the assumptions together with you and develop a sustainable model that can be implemented well under your specific circumstances.