"Only individuals can be wise, institutions are well designed at best."

    Peter Sloterdijk

Being successful is only possible with the right prerequisites

Structures set accents

Which form of organisation is the right one for your (indirect) purchasing depends very much on your corporate goals and the corporate culture. The question of make-or-buy, centralised or decentralised, local or global plays just as much a role as the degree of digitalisation. Best practice must be implemented based on these factors.

You can only achieve your goals with the right organisation!



Key influencing factors

Corporate culture and goals
The spirit and goals of your company determine whether you bundle tasks and responsibilities or allow a lot of autonomy. The first look is therefore directed at these. From this we derive the most optimal structure for you and use our expertise from comparable projects.
Human Resources
Which competences and skills does your team bring with them? Which resources can be used? What goals do your employees have? Putting together a good package to develop a modern organisation requires not only expertise but also a great deal of sensitivity. Our coaches have both.
In the future, purchasing organisations will occupy different fields of activity than in the past. The possibilities of digitalisation reduce operational activities, IT competences are in demand and strategic tasks increase. All this will influence the design of your organisation of the future.

Here is how we can support you

In workshops and interviews, we survey all facets of the status quo as well as your goals and possibilities. Based on this, we work out solutions together with you for a modern organisational structure that perfectly suits you and your team.

We are here for you

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