Cost Reduction

    The reduction or avoidance of costs is a continuous task in purchasing organisations. The focus is often not on indirect purchasing. Here there is often a lack of transparency and capacities, so that optimisation projects appear difficult. Moreover, there is sometimes a lack of appreciation for the potential of these commodities. We can help you achieve a lot in a short time and implement cost optimisation in a sustainable way.

Your value contribution to the company's success

Indirect purchasing accounts for up to 25% of your total costs. Due to the great diversity, many companies lack sufficient manpower and specialised knowledge to handle all commodities in a professional manner. The potentials are huge!

This is reason enough to take care of it.

We are specialists in this field!

Cost reduction - but sustainably!

How can costs be reduced sustainably without reducing the necessary quality and service levels?

Transparent data
It is almost impossible to carry out a serious benchmarking of a flat-rate service if individual items are not shown. Without transparent price/performance information, we work out these at the beginning of the project in cooperation with the specialist departments or service providers.
Exact specifications
Prices for items and services sometimes differ significantly due to a small difference in specification. If these characteristics are mandatory, they must be known. To define actual performance requirements is an essential part of our work.
General conditions
Interfaces to other departments, as well as their needs and processes, must be taken into account. Otherwise, a successful implementation is not possible. Therefore, we integrate all stakeholders and decision-makers into the projects at an early stage.
Turn / demand forecasts
As part of the projects, we question the needs as well as the frequency of services. Often these have not been adapted to new circumstances over longer periods of time.
Terms of payment
Standardisation of payment terms and forms leads to optimised processes in the company. The use of cash discounts is checked.
Procurement Process
The handling process with service providers can cause a disproportionate share of costs, especially in indirect purchasing. We look into this and implement individual optimisations.

How we can support you

Cost reduction project

Our experts know which data are required for a valid analysis and a professional tender. We collect the data from all available sources and prepare it for you. This serves as the basis for all further analyses.
With our expertise, we create an individual benchmarking for you. This includes not only price evaluations but possibly complete calculations, process assessments, KPIs and much more.
In order to develop the best concept for you, we examine e.g. alternative products, service levels, rotation, standards, tools, alternative service providers and synergies. The end result is an customised, optimal package of measures.
We put the new optimised requirements out to tender for you on the market, evaluate the offers and make a clear recommendation for you to take action.
Using modern methods, we create a comprehensive overview of offers for you, which can be used as a basis for decision-making. This includes not only commercial criteria but also quality, service and individual soft facts.
Single sourcing or allocation in lots? For you, we check the most optimal solution and take your criteria into account.
We conduct negotiations with suppliers and service providers in an open, transparent and fair manner. We look for competent partners for you with whom you can work together as equals over a longer period of time.
Implementation of new concepts is a delicate process. We lead your concepts to long-term success with commitment.
Performance measurement in purchasing is an important part of most companies. Savings must be examined in the medium and long term. In order to achieve this, we develop suitable tools for our clients, such as freight or tariff calculators.

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