• Insights Cost Reduction
    Standardisation, consolidation and process optimisation

    Catalogues, price lists, flyers, banners and stand-ups for sales partners and trade fairs - high-quality consumer products have to be presented in an eye-catching way. Three different divisions proceeded independently. Thereby negotiation volumes were strongly distributed and an unnecessarily complicated and inconsistent P-2-P process was established.


Consider all requirements and at the same time set standards

In consideration of all the requirements of the three corporate divisions, a sensible selection of paper types and print qualities had to be defined for each product group. Different purchase quantities, which were not easy to predict, also had to be taken into account. Routines that had grown historically had to be adapted to suit all divisions.


Cost Reduction
Process Optimisation



  • Purchasing volume p.a. 290.000 €
  • 3 divisions procure printed matter from various printing companies
  • Different types of paper
  • no uniform appearance
  • Purchase to pay process is inconsistent and time-consuming
  • Different payment and delivery terms 


  • Identification of quantities and acceptance cycles
  • Analysis of the products and their specifications
  • Recording of the different purchase to pay processes
  • Benchmarking



  • Standardisation to one paper quality per product type in cooperation with all three divisions
  • Consolidation of the number of service providers
  • Standardisation of purchase to pay process


  • Exact definition of the agreed requirements in RFQs
  • RFQ in bid matrix to map scale prices for fluctuating quantities
  • Evaluation according to criteria of price and process costs
  • Strategically sensible allocation scenarios



  • Assignment to 5 printing companies
  • Integration of online ordering systems
  • Reporting of order quantities


  • Bidding talks
  • Accompanying the technical implementation of the connection
  • Control of first invoices


  • homogeneous appearance
  • uniform terms of delivery & payment
  • savings of 50,750 €
  • flexible price matrices for fluctuating purchase quantities

"It was great to see how the client was pleased, especially about the non-monetary added value of the project..." 

Andrea Marchel, Marketing Expert