• Insights Cost Reduction
    Creating a transparent cost structure

    Our client is very satisfied with the agency services. However, the costs regularly get out of control. There is no transparency due to imprecise service descriptions and delimitations.


Often, mixed services, such as graphics, creation or licence fees, are billed at a flat rate via the agencies, which offers no room for manoeuvre for a good negotiating position. The mixing of creation and craft thus complicates the purchasing work. 

Negotiation options can be created by sensibly separating individual service packages, for which the respective optimal remuneration model can be applied. This creates transparency and makes it easier to request or evaluate alternatives.

The separation of single service packages requires very profound knowledge of the business sector.


Commodity Strategy
Cost Reduction



  • 490.000 € SPEND p.a.
  • various flat rates and additional hourly rates for various services
  • 7.5% surcharge for external services


  • Determination of all commercial factors
  • Analysis of the exact range of single services
  • Benchmarking of current conditions



  • Transparent breakdown into useful service packages
  • Definition of appropriate billing methods


  • Development of a detailed requirements portfolio



  • Use of suitable service providers for single service packages


  • Research of providers
  • Tendering of different packages
  • Trial work
  • Service provider interviews
  • Evaluation & allocation



  • Savings of 186.000 €
  • transparent costs for advertising agency services
  • easy to control
  • only services that can be planned are billed in monthly flat rates
  • no additional surcharges 

Separating creative services from pure craftsmanship and skilfully handling them in a tender was a challenge that we mastered together with the client's marketing department."

Anja Rössel