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    Find all strengths and use them!

    The market for pan-European FTL transport is highly competitive. In order to generate an advantage it is essential to allow carriers to calculate their costs in a way that makes their strengths visible. The best conditions can be achieved through a transparent comparison of offers and a suitable cherry-pick.

    Solid data and suitable structures are the key to success. 


Making the most of data and structures

Every carrier has both stronger and weaker routes, which he can map most optimally in his own chosen zone/tariff classification. It is extremely important to allow this flexibility.

However, a reliable comparison of different offers can no longer be made by simply comparing the tariff sheets.

HANSBECKER therefore carries out an evaluation of the offers on the basis of a realistic shipment structure, which is created from historical data and forecasts. In addition, we require a transparent breakdown of all cost components, surcharges, tolls, etc. and include these in the evaluation. 

This allows us to create a comprehensive, transparent overview of offers on all routes and to target renegotiations at particularly relevant destinations.

The more realistic the shipment forecasts and the more customised the carriers use this option, the better the offers can be.


Category Management
Cost Reduction



  •  4.500.000 € purchasing volume p.a. 
  • FTL
  • approx. 3.000 standard trucks - Europe-wide
  • various carriers
  • Fixed zoning
  • non-transparent surcharges & toll charges 


  • Data collection of the DL shipment statistics
  • Merging of shipment data
  • Analysis of shipment movements, weight classes, loading meter classes
  • Collection of forecasts for shipments



  • Flexible calculation options for all carriers


  • free zoning per tariff / country
  • transparent breakdown of cost components
  • Request for quotation



  • Implementation the tariff structures 
  • Fixation of fixed & variable cost components


  • Evaluation
  • Modelling of allocation scenarios
  • Interviews with bidders
  • Cherry-pick


  • transparent costs
  • optimal terms and conditions
  • 900.000 € savings p.a.
  • own control of data

"The flexible division into zones enables the carriers to present their strengths. With clever cherry-picking and transparent cost breakdowns, the customer receives the best terms and conditions possible with no hidden add-ons. “

Sören Seewald

Senior Expert Logistik