• Insights Cost Reduction
    Intelligent contract bundling creates higher purchasing volume

    There are four locations, mobile telephony, a fixed network, local internet and a lot of contracts. Service packages from different providers that are difficult to compare and different contract end times often make consolidation extremely difficult. Thanks to our experience and negotiating skills, we can be very helpful in this process.


It is worth checking up from time to time!

Since the full liberalisation of the telecommunications market in 1998, people have the possibility to freely search for the best offer. However, in practice this is used only rarely. Service providers build hard-to-compare, non-transparent service packages, different terms, additional bonus payments, etc. into their contracts to make changing more difficult.

As a result, grown company structures often accumulate a mass of contracts and the switching process becomes more complicated with each new contract.

Let us take the time to navigate through the jungle and find the best price-performance package for you.


Cost Reduction
Process Optimisation



  • 290.000 € purchasing volume p.a.
  • Mobile telephony, fixed network, local internet
  • 4 service providers


  •  Recording of inventory reports, invoices, contracts
  • Clustering 
  • Specification of minimum requirements per cluster 



  • Consolidation on a framework agreement


  • Preventative termination of current contracts
  • Request for tenders



  • Procurement based on framework contract


  • neutral evaluation
  • renegotiation, allocation


Thanks to the most extensive bundling to one service provider, it was not only possible to achieve better conditions, but also to increase the level of service in some segments significantly.

The processing out of a framework agreement also tightens further processes in procurement, support and controlling.

"The structural optimisations lead to unexpected savings for the customer."

Ahmet Sener, Senior Expert Telecommunications