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    Einfache Artikel, überall verfügbar. Doch oft wird hier viel Geld liegen gelassen. Bestellungen laufen oft direkt in unterschiedlichen Webshops ab. Damit wird Einkaufsvolumen aufgesplittet und es fehlt die Gesamtübersicht der bestellten Ware. Eine Straffung des Kernsortiments oder Bündelung ist nicht möglich. Es ist eben nicht so einfach....

Identify core assortment


HANSBECKER carries out the work of bringing together the different order data from all the systems used. 

After that, a comprehensive analysis according to product groups and requirements is possible.

With this new product catalogue, prices can be requested on the market.

The decision as to which supplier provides the best overall package is additionally determined by the performance of the webshop, so that process costs can also be saved in the long term.


Cost Reduction
Process Optimisation



  • 100.000 € SPEND p.a.
  • 12 locationd
  • 7 suppliers various payment and delivery conditions
  • 976 articles


  • Data Collecting
  • Spend Analysis 
  • Process Analysis



  • Consolidation
  • Optimal connection to the web shop


  • Determination of core assortment, order quantities, call-off quantities
  • Testing of alternative products
  • Coordination processes



  • Install core assortment
  • one single webshop for all sites


  • RFQ, evaluation of costs, order/delivery processing, Webshop


By bundling on a core assortment and connecting a web shop to the ERP system, the entire procurement process could be streamlined in addition to the direct savings of € 21,000.

In the long term, this is significantly faster and better data is available for future analyses.

"It was a particular challenge to find a uniform range. However, the effort is worth it later, as it can improve the acceptance of a new system." 

Andrea Marchel, Senior Expert Office Supply